Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “July Night”

Description of the painting by Stanislav Zhukovsky “July Night”

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The picture is impressive. At first glance, the landscape is unremarkable. But the painter managed to notice a secret in everyday life. He not only depicts what he saw, but also puts his feelings. We look at nature through the eyes of Zhukovsky himself.

On the left is a house. A lone window burns in it. It seems that it has absorbed the colors that the summer sunset gives us. On the right is a grove sleeping. Ink crowns of trees give the canvas a certain fabulousness. There is no wind. Everything fell silent and dozing in anticipation of a new day. Behind rather rare trees you can see the blue ribbon of the river. She beckons us with her coolness.

Zhukovsky is a true master of colors. His sky is not dark. It combines pink, yellow and purple colors. The viewer does not feel gloomy. The artist was able to depict one of the July nights.

But this canvas causes quiet sadness. Everything around fell asleep, and only a lonely window burns. Why can't a person sleep? Perhaps he suffers from unrequited love, or is he creating at this time? One can only guess about the true reasons.

It is the window that becomes the most saturated spot in the picture. Thanks to her, the landscape becomes alive.

Zhukovsky saturates the canvas with dark colors, but at the same time it does not create an oppressive mood. You can only feel a slight sadness.

An interesting picture is that the artist does not just portray something mundane. I want to consider his creation. Every detail here is multifaceted and full of meaning. The painter was able to catch the poetry of a summer night and pass it on canvas. Before us is a real masterpiece, impressive with an abundance of colors and an accurate transfer of experiences.

This is not just a picture. She pushes viewers to think. Such a simple plot becomes the embodiment of the artist’s deep philosophical thoughts.

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