Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn “The Sacrifice of Abraham”

Description of the painting by Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn “The Sacrifice of Abraham”

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The painting was created in 1635.

According to the biblical story, Abraham was ordered by God to sacrifice his son Isaac. The hero did not hesitate for a minute. The rite was to happen on the mountain. Abraham and Isaac came there only on the third day. When Isaac was already laid on the altar, an angel called from heaven. He asked Abraham not to kill his own son. A sheep became a victim. The Lord made a solemn oath that the descendants of Abraham would be multiplied many times.

In the 30s, Rembrandt wrote several grandiose paintings on religious topics. The most famous is the "Sacrifice of Abraham." The picture is filled with pathetics and incredible dynamics. The artist was attracted by images filled with heroism and, at the same time, drama. He preferred constructions that create an external effect. The painter skillfully played with contrasts of light and shadow. He skillfully uses sharp angles to express the main idea of ​​the picture.

Rembrandt captured Isaac in his painting, who lies limp in that famous place, where a bonfire for sacrifice will be lit very soon. We do not see his face, because it is covered by the hand of Abraham. This characteristic gesture conveys maximum determination, reaching desperation, and at the same time incredible pity.

The hero does not want his son to see who will kill him. We see Abraham turn to the angel. It is he who stops the hand at the very moment when the dagger is already entered. The weapon of imperfect killing falls limp.

The artist used greenish-gray tones. But the flicker of a dagger brings tension. It is amplified by light, which seems to emanate from the body.

The painter manages to create an image that is as truthful as possible from a psychological point of view.

It was no coincidence that Rembrandt took this plot. He wanted to test his skill and maturity. Sacrifice is the main theme of many of his works.

Such a grandiose creation leaves a lasting impression in the soul of everyone who sees this canvas.

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