Description of the statue “Buddha of the Spring Temple”

Description of the statue “Buddha of the Spring Temple”

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Buddha of the Spring Temple - this is the largest statue. It is located in China, not far from Zhaoqun. The idea of ​​erecting a monument arose after the blasphemous behavior of the Taliban, who blew up 2 huge Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

The Chinese condemned this act and decided to create something unique in honor of their patron. The Chinese reacted with great enthusiasm to the task: their Buddha became the largest monument in the world.
Buddha of the spring temple is a statue 128 meters high. The figure of the Buddha is 108 meters. Together with the pedestal, the monument rises 153 m. The Monument to the Buddha of the Spring Temple was erected in 2002, after which all the Guinness Book records for the height of the monuments were broken.

The statue was made in several stages by connecting the individual elements. There were more than 1000 pieces of “parts”. 108 kg of gold was required to recreate the idea of ​​sculpture. In the manufacture, copper (33 tons) and steel (15 thousand tons) were also used. In general, the huge beauty cost the creators $ 18 million.

It is interesting that at the foot of the sculpture of the Buddha of the Spring Temple, visitors climb the stairs from 365 steps located in 12 spans. Lotus petals become the foot of a huge sculpture made in the form of lotus petals, which harmoniously emphasize the symbolism of the statue.

The majestic Buddha with wisdom in his eyes looks at everyone who comes to him for advice. A gilded silhouette is visible even in the thickest fog, and the powerful green slopes behind the Buddha create a harmonious contrast. Peace and balance reign here, true harmony and peace of mind. Thousands of people come to a small Chinese town to feel it inside themselves.

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