Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky "View of the seaside in the vicinity of St. Petersburg"

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky

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Aivazovsky is the most famous of the Russian marine painters. Almost all his life he wrote only the sea - seascapes and sea battles.

"View of the seaside in the vicinity of St. Petersburg" - one of his not quite typical paintings. The sea on it is not the main character, as usual - on the contrary, it lies lazy and bright, under a blanket from the sky, and drawing a line between one and the other is not so simple. It splashes in the surf against a dank shore, light waves run along it, and somewhere far away, right on the horizon, you can see a dash of sail - the ship hurries to other countries.

The boat is in the foreground. Old, resting on the shore, it gives the impression of a sad and dead. She stands, immersed in sand, as in water, there is no sail, the support keeps her from falling to her side. She rolls slightly on her side, and it is clear that she can no longer go to sea.

There will be no more wind to be caught, no waves under the keel and no fish beating in the nets. The boat is either too old for swimming, or it crashed on this shore - in any case, it is no longer quite a boat, rather just a piece of wood, slowly drying out in the sand.

A man sits on the bow of the boat - he is bearded, dressed in simple and solid clothes. The hat is lowered over the eyes, the head is lowered, the back is hunched over. He looks like a boat - just as rickety and sad. Perhaps his story is similar. maybe he is a fisherman whose boat was wrecked and now has nothing to catch fish on. Maybe the former sailor is too old to go to sea at least once more. In a pose of his deaf longing and hopelessness. No more wind cutting your face, no furious sun and raging storms.

It is like a boat - it is drying up and it is slowly dying. Both that, and another - from the absence in their life of the sea, which alone gives meaning to everything.

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