Description of the painting by Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Early Spring”

Description of the painting by Konstantin Kryzhitsky “Early Spring”

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The snow has not completely left the earth, the water has not yet left after the flood, but the trees have either buds or young foliage and huge blackening nests of crows or other fairly large birds. Or maybe it was the rooks who managed to prepare their homes. Under the trees, the cows lay down on the ground warmed up by the mean rays of the sun. But still this first warmth gives them incomparable pleasure after a cold winter.

Behind the cows are bushes with last year's red foliage. So they, apparently, stood the whole winter, and now they beautifully shade the brown earth and the first greenery.

This is how the artist Konstantin Kryzhitsky sees early spring. And on his canvas, which is called “Early Spring”, an amazing sky, this can only be seen in April or May.

Freshness and spring purity echoes the canvas with spiritual purity, and this is reminiscent of a temple lost in a light haze. Its white walls are illuminated by the sun, there are glare on the golden domes, but the green roof looks the brightest in spring. She's barely brighter than young grass.

But a little closer to the temple - the same tall trees with nests. They stand on a very small island, and everything around is flooded with water, which extends into the distance. The picture is distinguished by expressive depth, thoughtful plans.

At first, it is perceived as flat, as the eyes fall on the nearby trees, but then you notice cows under them, and suddenly a wonderful panorama opens, full of quiet joy and at the same time thoughtfulness. Like many other works of the artist, this one looks very realistic.

It seems that the wind will blow and the branches will stir, the bush will rustle, and the water will become even more rippled. And only the remnants of the snow will remain motionless, recalling the recent blizzards.

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