Description of the art by Pablo Picasso “Breakfast of the Blind”

Description of the art by Pablo Picasso “Breakfast of the Blind”

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Pablo Picasso painted the picture “Breakfast of the Blind” in 1903, when he was only 22 years old. This picture was created in the early period of the Spanish artist. The period from 1901 to 1905, the work of the Spanish genius, critics called “blue”, because at that time in the works of Picasso prevailed blue color, which he called “the color of all colors”.

The creations of the “blue period” most often depict the poor, beggars, lonely and destitute people. This topic was very popular among artists living and creating in Spain. The painting “Breakfast of the Blind” is a characteristic work for early Picasso, where a man always stands in the center, surrounded by various objects and inner experiences. With the help of subtle details, the artist tries to convey to the viewer melancholy, and sometimes tragic emotions.

The main attention in the work “Breakfast of the blind” is focused on a blind person depicted in blue colors, who is trying with his right hand to find a bright brown jug of wine, symbolizing Christianity. He has a small piece of bread in his left hand, and on the table is an empty bowl.

A lean elongated body, long sensitive fingers, and a poor table fully convey helplessness, doom and suffering.

The tragedy of the picture is aggravated, the human eyes instead of which, two gray depressions are depicted. The picture makes the viewer feel that helplessness and doom of a blind person who lives in poverty and complete loneliness.

The poor life in Barcelona certainly inspired the artist to write such a sad picture, so in this depressing image of a blind and poor person the artist saw himself and tried to convey his own emotions and feelings, emphasizes such deep experiences as a blue cold color.

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