Description of Franz Marc's painting “Pigs”

Description of Franz Marc's painting “Pigs”

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As can be seen in the picture, it is made in the style of expressionism with a small amount of symbolism. This painting, like a number of people like this, speaks of the whole animal world, the images of which were inspired and even endowed with traits that resembled either a person or someone else.

In principle, Franz Mark paid great attention to animals because the world of people, in his understanding, was ugly, and he could not paint people in his paintings, because of a strong repulsive feeling, so the artist writes exclusively animals, since he considered their purest representatives of the living world. It is worth noting that expressionism is so characteristic, as a certain part of subjective-introverted perception, that is exactly how the canvas called “Pigs” appears before the viewer.

In fact, despite the complexity of writing the picture, its essence and meaning are quite simple. It is safe to say that the blue pig can represent the male principle, the red color most likely does not represent the female principle, as you might think, but the pressure of heavy and rough matter, while yellow, just means the female principle.

In this painting, impressionism is closely intertwined with a sufficiently high realism of painting, which is a fairly innovative approach.

The picture does not speak directly about the feelings and emotions of the artist, everything is done quite symbolically, so the master leaves for the viewer the opportunity to independently reveal the secret of each canvas.

The work conceals the meaning of the canvas itself, but this does not mean at all that it is done without transmitting emotion and semantic load. The picture adds brightness and colorfulness, a background that is perfectly matched when interacting with the general background and the colors that are used for this.

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