Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan "Spring in Italy"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan

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This painter has two wonderful landscapes, and both of them are dedicated to Italy, and more precisely, the spring in Italy.

Spring itself is a great time of the year everywhere. But Levitan reveals the Italian spring to us, which means that there is something to it.

Two landscapes created in the same year and almost in the same place, in the mountains, but what are they different.

On the first canvas, most likely it is already sunset and flowering trees are gradually sinking into darkness. But the sun still illuminates the distant snowy peaks, and dusk gradually descends into the mountains. Handsomely? Yes. But it can be assumed that clouds suddenly appeared in an absolutely blue sky and their shadows began to “run” on the ground. Maybe this is so, in this country the weather sometimes changes its temper very quickly, however, like the people living in these parts.

On the second canvas, in fact, the same thing, but only this time the sun has not yet set and therefore the landscape is quite bright, sunny. A rural road leading somewhere into the distance, green hills at the very tops. And of course the snowy mountain, which shines with its snowy whiteness. A riot of colors even on the first canvas, in pale tones the pale pink-white blossoming apple trees are clearly visible. It looks very beautiful from the side, and most importantly wildly romantic.

Levitan remained true to himself, and even here in Italy he managed to exceed all expectations. But still, his Russian landscapes are incomparable with anything. What is true, then true - native spaces Levitan wrote much better and more interesting. But still, this is not the point, but the fact that even in the Italian province he found a riot of colors and was able to convey so beautifully and emotionally with all the colors of warm colors.

This is what attracts our eyes - colors, from dark green to crystal white. And of course, this is his European anthem to Spring, which is always and everywhere, and probably always will be.

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