Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Chardin “Attributes of art”

Description of the painting by Jean-Baptiste Chardin “Attributes of art”

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Throughout his life, Jean-Baptiste Chardin wrote his works in almost only two directions - everyday life scenes and still life. The painter was fluent in both genres. In everyday compositions, he showed life in the lower class - working women, children playing. In his still lifes, Charden also adhered to simplicity, portraying at first glance inconspicuous objects.

In these paintings, he shows a desire for knowledge of the life of objects, enthusiasm for the diversity of natural things and their beauty.

Still life "Attributes of the arts" the painter ordered Catherine II. She wanted to decorate one of the halls at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Charden depicted the picture much calmer than many other works.

The composition of the still life is beautifully composed. It shows the harmony characteristic of all the works of the artist. In the main plan of the picture is a figurine of Mercury, made by the French sculptor Pigalle. Around the figurine are the working tools of artists, architects and sculptors. In the box with paints, brushes and a palette are inaccurately located. Out of the blue case, draftsman tools sparkling with a cold sheen peep out. Piles of books and prints are piled around. But, despite the chaos that seems to be around, the composition of the picture is composed in a clear order.

The classical artistic order is emphasized by a colorful color palette saturated with various shades. But at the same time, the picture is stingy with bright colors. Among the restrained brown, white and gray tones, only a few bright spots stand out. Still life as if saturated with calm and poise, it seems that the artist breathed life into inanimate objects on the canvas.

Painting Peasant Woman

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