Description of Ilya Repin's painting Self-Portrait

Description of Ilya Repin's painting Self-Portrait

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Ilya Repin is a famous Russian artist. His creative heritage belongs to a large number of portraits. Including he wrote and self-portraits. Among them are brilliant and famous, there are unrecognized. All these works give viewers a unique chance - to see Repin through his eyes, to trace the path of his change in years.

The most famous is the self-portrait of Repin, written in 1878. The 34-year-old artist, still young, is carefully looking at the viewer from the picture. But he looks older than his age. This work is a reflection of the state of the inner troubled world of Repin. The time in Russia was difficult and the masters, worried about the fate of their homeland, were torn by conflicting thoughts. The expression on his face in the portrait clearly shows the complexity of the civil situation in the country.

The image on the canvas fits the academic style. The background is dark tones, and the hero is half-deployed to the audience. The main focus of the self-portrait is the eyes of Ilya Repin. His gaze is the gaze of a true artist, sharp, observant, as if work is underway on the painting now. The artist's expression is tired. He thinks about Russia, worries. If you compare this self-portrait with a later work, you can see that there Repin looks much younger. Indeed, in Russia the master is calm, calm.

Repin's hair on the self-portrait is neatly combed, lying straight, parted. Only one of the dark curls broke out and fell on her forehead. The artist is dressed in a dark suit, you can see a white shirt and a strict tie. The background is dark, the same color without transitions. This technique is used by Repin to achieve attracting attention to the face, to the deep look.

In the picture, Repin looks spiritually. It can be seen that art and painting mean a lot to him in life, he is ambitious. A deep self-portrait with revealed inner contradictions and elemental feelings.

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