Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Tamara and the Demon”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Tamara and the Demon”

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The painting “Tamara and the Demon” is nothing more than one of the illustrations for Lermontov’s poem “The Demon”, written by Mikhail Vrubel in the 1890-91s.

The entire composition of the picture was created using only black watercolor and white on light brown paper.

The scenery of the composition is painted carpets and a bed, and the picture itself shows a lying girl with long black hair braided in braids - Tamara, trying to cover her face with fragile hands. She is wearing a dress and a white headscarf covering her head. At this time, the Demon sitting nearby is trying to look into her eyes. The demon's hair is very dark, long and wavy, and facial features are very strict, especially pronounced eyes.

Using only black paint and whitewash, the artist was able to create a work that has the brilliance of a painting written in a whole palette of colors. It attracts attention and makes you consider in every detail every detail. The picture has the very completeness that so often makes the observer admire.

According to the artist, people often do not understand the essence of the Demon, identifying it with the familiar concepts of “devil” and “devil”. But in translation, “devil” means “slanderer,” and “devil” means “horned.” And the translation for the word "demon" is "soul." Thus, the demon is the personification of the endless struggle of the spirit of a person who is tormented by many doubts and raging passions.

After this work and other illustrations for Lermontov’s work, the artist for some time preferred not to return to the theme of “The Demon,” but over time this theme became his main theme. And subsequently Vrubel created many paintings and sketches with similar subjects that amaze and fascinate. Based on already known ideas, he painted, reflecting his views in them, and adding something completely unusual to each. That is why the work of this person is considered the property of Russian culture.

Vrubel Painting Demon Sitting

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