Description of the painting Arkady Plastov “First Snow”

Description of the painting Arkady Plastov “First Snow”

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The artist A. Plastov was very fond of the village, rural life and ordinary people, and he devoted many of his works to this. One of them is the picture “First Snow”, which is well known to many. On this canvas we see a sketch from peasant life: a village house, a front garden, an old tall birch, a frozen puddle, a crow, and in the distance other huts.

It is snowing outside, and judging by the fact that all the land is already covered with a soft snow-white carpet, it has been going on for a long time. Two kids came to the doorstep of the house: a little boy and a little older girl - apparently a brother and sister. The kids froze in place, struck by this magnificent and probably long-awaited sight - the first snow. They look fascinated at how thousands of snowflakes swirl in the air in a slow waltz. On the faces of the children happy smiles - such as can be found only in children who have not lost the ability to enjoy the pleasant little things and the beauty of the world. Their innocent pure souls seem to be in harmony with the dazzling whiteness of fresh snow.

Most likely, the guys saw the snow through the window, and then, in a hurry, dressed, ran out to the street to enjoy this beauty. The girl threw a yellow woolen shawl over herself over the dress, and her brother dressed a little warmer - in a coat and hat. Children have felt boots on their feet. Snowflakes gently touch their browned faces. Above the heads of the heroes of the picture, a dark blue-gray sky, but even the cloudy weather, it seems, is not able to deprive children of glee from the coming winter. Meanwhile, the snow has already transformed everything around: the earth, and the spreading branches of birch, and the roof of the hut, and the threshold of the house. Even the old plain-looking wooden hut seems more beautiful and more comfortable under it.

It is interesting that the picture was painted by the artist in a rather monotonous and mean colors. It uses mainly white, gray and brown tones. However, this does not make her dull. Happy faces of children bring a feeling of joy and warmth into the picture.

Looking at this canvas, it is impossible not to be imbued with the joy that has mastered the children. Still: winter is a wonderful time when you can ride from the mountains and ice skates, sculpt snowmen and play snowballs! Everyone looking at this picture involuntarily recalls their own childhood and forgotten impressions of this little miracle - the first snow.

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