Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Autumn”

Description of the painting by Viktor Vasnetsov “Autumn”

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In the picture you can see the alley near the country house in the copper-gold decoration of autumn. Autumn is the most lyrical time of the year. Here you can take autumn as a celebration of colors and farewell to the warm summer. This landscape absolutely does not inspire sad thoughts about the upcoming winter, because everything is beautiful in nature, and each season has its own special beauty. The picture is full of cheerful light tones.
Foliage on trees, from a lack of sunshine rapidly yellowing. Leaves fall, covering the ground with a beautiful golden carpet. It seems that the wind blows the leaves from the trees with its light breath and circles with them in the autumn dance. The foliage has already covered the ground with a rather large layer, and the desire to walk on it revives, enjoying the rustling of fallen leaves underfoot.

On the tops of the trees some leaves are still visible, but their number on the ground is much larger. Tall and thin tree trunks are directed to the sky, thereby closing it. It seems that with the advent of autumn, they have darkened, tired and want to sleep. The trees stand firmly, periodically dropping their leaves, thereby as if giving the earth a gift. But still behind the house you can see a piece of blue sky. It is bright, with the sun rising upward, but already practically without sunlight.

At the end of the alley you can see the outlines of the structure of a two-story house with a veranda on the top floor. From it is the construction of a long wooden dark fence. There are two wooden benches in the alley with leaves fallen on them. Golden autumn is a great time for autumn walks.

Looking at the picture, the viewer is imbued with a deep sense of love for this time and for nature itself, giving him unforgettable moments of pleasure in the beautiful. For the artist, autumn is the brightest and most touching time, which is probably why such paintings are saturated with special love.

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