Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Girl illuminated by the sun”

Description of the painting by Valentin Serov “Girl illuminated by the sun”

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Conquered by a gentle face and a childish naive look, Serov chose his cousin for this picture. Mashenka Simonovich turned out to be a muse and an inspiration for creativity for him.

This girl became for the author something truly near and dear, therefore, after the painting “Girl with Peaches”, in 1888, “Girl Lit by the Sun” slightly changed the writing style. It remains only that the picture depicts young people and the fact that the artist did not refuse the portrait.

The author decided to write a new portrait amid the lush nature of the estate in Domotkanovo. The portrait is full of life and radiance. The color scheme and saturation of shades emphasize the summer motif. Everything around is green and full of aromas, the sun plays endlessly with rays, warming the earth. Somewhere in the distance, tired of the scorching sun, the girl sat down to rest in the shade of the trees.

Even hiding under the trees, she could not completely hide from the sun set, so, leaning on a tree, she tried to hide completely. The girl’s traits speak of her background and the place where she grew up. Beautiful Russian features, a bright blush on her cheeks, a little thoughtful, but truly joyful and peaceful.

This work did not leave anyone indifferent, many enthusiastic responses remained in her memory. But there were also those who called this work impressionistic. However, the author himself tirelessly asserted that there were no shades of impression in her, he simply conveyed his deep feelings of delight and tenderness with real Russian beauty. Also this work was one of his favorites.

Without hiding his love for subtle and earthly feelings, the author without hesitation wrote his sister, conveying her childhood features and adult look, sensual body and head immersed in thoughts. In the picture, the girl seems to be playing with the sun, but it is with her.

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