Description of the painting Leonardo da Vinci Madonna in the grotto (Madonna in the rocks)

Description of the painting Leonardo da Vinci Madonna in the grotto (Madonna in the rocks)

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This work of art was done in oil on a panel, and later transferred to the canvas of Leonardo Da Vinci with a period of one thousand four hundred eighty-third to one thousand four hundred and eighty-six.

The main feature of this work is that it is one of the paintings that completely managed to reveal all the skills of the great painter Leonardo Da Vinci. This painting is presented in the form of an icon, which was commissioned by the monks of the Church of St. Francis as a decoration of the church altar.

At the beginning of its existence, the picture was framed in the form of a carved wooden altar. During the execution of the order, the artist had assistants, but the great painter, of course, carried out the most important work related to writing the central region.

It is worth noting that this work is quite significant for the artist himself, since it was in this work that the great master was able to realize a smooth harmony of human figures with the landscape. This is what subsequently served as one of his very important skills in the following works.

This picture has rightfully earned the status of the first mature work of Da Vinci, since it was in it that the painter was able to reflect his talent as an artist and put his whole soul into it. In addition, in the work, each part and detail is shown in absolute harmony with each other and presented to the viewer as a single whole.

There are no separate figures, but there is just a unity that is connected by a shadow and soft color harmoniously interacting and giving the viewer a sense of warmth and at the same time entice with its mysterious secrets of existence.

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